ISOagriNET is the specification of a protocol for automatic and interactive data exchange, which is standardised by the ISO. In interactive data exchange, the participants negotiate on the nature of the data and their transmission. Participants in data exchange can for example be machines with corresponding software at process level (sensors, automated feeders, milking machinery and equipment) or management programs, in principle software at all organisational levels of the production of animal products.


It should be possible to exchange the data between the process computers (milking, feeding and climate control systems) and the PC (farm-management software, climate control computers) automatically without any intervention by the farmer.


ISOagriNET uses data description language ADED/ADIS to exchange the data. ADIS and ADED are registered ISO Standards. ISOagriNET implements all the basic data exchange functions in such a way that remote data stocks can be synchronised automatically. For this purposes ISOagriNET uses data structures that are clearly defined in national or international data dictionaries.

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