The DLG Test Centre Technology and equipment, based in Gross-Umstadt, developed a test for ISOagriNET products (hardware and software) of compliance with the standard ISO 17532:2007 verified with the certificate "ISOagriNET-conform".


Businesses and organizations who have contributed significantly to the development of standards ISOagriNET have subjected their products to the DLG test and after successful testing with the certificate "ISOagriNET-conform" was awarded by DLG and BFL. The following list gives you an overview.




ISOagriNET compatible Systems

ISOagriNET conform (Level: A1 2014)

Deutscher Verband für Leistungs- und Qualitätsprüfungen e. V., Bonn 03/2014

DLQ-data Portal


ISOagriNET conform (Level: A1 2010)

Schauer Agrotronic GmbH, Prambachkirchen

Topo / Vista-Senso V1.071 -
- A control system for feeding

Big Dutchman Pig Equipment GmbH
10/2010 BigFarmNet Manager V1.0


ISOagriNET conform (Level: A1 2008)

CLAAS Agrosystems GmbH & Co. KG, Bielefeld
11/2009 Software Supersau / Multimast
Pigtek Europe GmbH, (Mannebeck) Schüttorf
11/2009 MAC-Mannebeck animal control
Möller GmbH Agrarklima-Steuerungen, Diepholz
11/2009 ISOagriNET-LON-Adapter
TEWE Elektronic GmbH & Co. KG, Vreden
11/2009 TEWESTAR
- A control system for feeding
WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp GmbH, Lutten
11/2009 Excellent 4PX
- A control system for feeding
FB Verfahrenstechnik der Tierhaltung im Institut für Agrartechnik, Universität Hohenheim
11/2009 measurement system HME (Hohenheimer-Messwert-Erfassung)


A continuously updated list of companies with conforming products, see:

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